VanDusen newspaper stories

The Province 1976

New Museum Final Word on Forestry – PDF

The BC forest industry is not just converting trees into lumber, pulp, and paper, but is managing a resource that is harvested, renewed and improved. We are tree farmers who harvest our crop and then plant for the next.

‘A walk in the forest’ in the city – PDF

Visitors to the site will be able to “turn on the sun”, walk inside a tree trunk, make the wind blow to demonstrate how pollen is carried from tree to tree, and operate a variety of other teaching machines that explain further aspects of forest life.


MacMillan Blodel News 1976

Opening date set for MB Place

Installation of exhibits began at the end of last month and the building will be opened officially on August 31, 1976 by W.J. VanDusen, the retired MB executive for whom the garden is named.