Gabriola Mansion

The Gabriola Mansion at 1531 Davie Street is one of the three surviving grand estate homes built in the West End at the end of the 19th century. With its garden space and preserved views, the mansion ahs contributed to the richness of the streetscape and the character of the neighbourhood for many years, operating as a restaurant and place for special occasions.

The Gabriola Mansion has been closed for several years now. The windows are boarded up and the entrance has been fenced in. This encourages squatters and other vagrants and puts the building at risk to vandalism.

The Gabriola Mansion is on the City’s Heritage A list and has received protection with a Heritage Revitalization Agreement that includes a density bonus. In awarding a density transfer, the City has made a substantial financial investment in the property. We have the opportunity to capitalize on this investment by providing a place for people to enjoy.

We have the opportunity to explore how this beautiful building with its magnificent grounds could be reopened so it can be enjoyed again by our community and become part of our community heritage.

Heritage Vancouver is encouraging the City of Vancouver to enter into a dialogue with the owner to determine his plans for the Mansion. If the owner does not intend to reopen it as a restaurant, we have the opportunity to explore how we could open the building for some community use that could increase its contribution and value to our community and to creating our community.