See Vancouver’s Finest Heritage Building

An evening in the penthouse
of the Marine Building

Heritage Vancouver invites you to a unique opportunity to explore the two floors of the ultra-elegant private penthouse at the top of Vancouver’s finest heritage building. Enjoy the Art Deco atmosphere and the fabulous view, hear about its unique history, and share your experiences, stories, and photos of the Marine Building.

The Penthouse has many of its original features still intact, and is currently the office of Urbanics Consultants Ltd, our generous host and sponsor for the event. Donald Luxton and Chuck Davis will intrigue you with stories of the architecture and history of the Marine Building.


Proceeds support the work of Heritage Vancouver. Tax receipts will be issued. Purchase your tickets early as there are a limited number of spaces for this exclusive event.

Friday, March 6, 2009
5:30pm to 7:30pm

Marine Building Penthouse
# 2000 – 255 Burrard Street

Tickets $100
Wine and hors d’oeuvres included

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Heritage Vancouver Society
PO Box 3336
Main Post Office
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3Y3

Heritage Vancouver

Heritage Vancouver informs our community about opportunities to appreciate, preserve, and restore our heritage structures and neighbourhoods through events, tours, films, forums, and reports.

Heritage structures are community landmarks that are tangible expressions of the era in which they were created and which contribute to the character, attractiveness, and quality of life in our neighbourhoods.

Heritage structures identify and define our communities, connect us to our history and our diverse heritage, and are our legacy for the enjoyment of future generations.

Heritage Vancouver works with developers, architects, businesses, associations, community groups, and arts and cultural organizations to preserve our heritage structures and neighbourhoods.

Urbanics Consultants

Phil Boname founded Urbanics Consultants in 1976 as a firm of land economists and development management consultants.

The firm provides real estate development, project management, and economic impact services to create viable mixed use commercial, industrial, and residential projects including hotels and resorts, recreation and tourism facilities, shopping centres, downtown revitalization and waterfront development projects, and arts and cultural centres in North America and around the world.

Urbanics has been involved in major mixed use projects such as Granville Island, Whistler Village, Westminster Quay, Lonsdale Quay, Prince’s Island Village, and South Edmonton Common.

Why Heritage Matters

Don Luxton, Phil Boname,
Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles, and Christopher Gaze
talk about why heritage matters.

Why Heritage Matters Film