Pantages Theatre

Introducing the Pantages Theatre
The Pantages Theatre is the oldest vaudeville theatre in Canada and the second of 72 theatres built by Alexander Pantages in North America. The plan is to restore this theatre to its former glory. The Pantages will become a home for groups like the City Opera of Vancouver, playhouse and theatre groups, musical organizations, and other performing arts organizations, particularly smaller groups that have limited resources.

Pantages First Concert
On Saturday, October 28, 2006, shortly after noon, the Pantages Theatre presented its first concert in over 50 years as part of the Heart of the City Festival. Soprano Diana Oros-Wilder and pianist Michael Onwood performed music from Broadway to opera for an appreciative audience after an historic walking tour conducted by John Atkin of this once bustling theatre and vaudeville circuit area that included the Harts Opera House, the Grand, the Empress, the Imperial, the Rex, the Chung King Opera House, and among others, the Pantages Theatre.

The Pantages – One Hundred Years
This year marks the Centennial of the opening of Vancouver’s Pantages Theatre. One century ago, it stood for everything that was beautiful, new and exciting in theatre. Today, the Pantages remains all of that, – and it has also become a beacon of change and hope in the Downtown Eastside.

Pauline at the Pantages
The premiere of Pauline will be given at the restored Pantages Theatre in the Downtown Eastside, if we are able to earn the full support of City Council. We certainly have it from our neighbours, and from the the arts community here and across the country. Response to its formal announcement in February was astonishing.

Pantages Theatre for Sale
The historic Pantages Theatre is at imminent risk. The Pantages is one of Vancouver’s three historic theatres that face an uncertain future. The current owner inspired the community with his ideas to restore and reopen the Theatre. After investing three years in the project the owner has put the Theatre up for sale.

Pantages Theatre Arts Society Request for Help
We urgently ask you to register your support for the Pantages Project. If we have any chance to reverse the City’s decision, it will now ONLY happen with the strongest support you can offer. TODAY. We’ve tried everything else. ~ Pantages Theatre Arts Society

Pantages Community
Organizations contributing to, benefiting from, and interested in the restoration and reopening of the Pantages Theatre.

Heritage Vancouver on Pantages Theatre
Heritage Vancouver has long supported the retention and restoration of Vancouver’s Pantages Theatre, the oldest remaining Pantages Theatre in North America and western Canada’s oldest vaudeville theatre.

Community Arts Council of Vancouver on Pantages Theatre
Throughout our 63-year history, the Community Arts Council of Vancouver has been a strong advocate for the development of cultural infrastructure in this city. Our current priority is the Downtown Eastside. We are excited about the opportunity in the Downtown Eastside to demonstrate the power of the arts for locally-led revitalization for the benefit of the city as a whole.

Pantages Theatre Update – October 31, 2008
The Pantages Facebook page, organized by Steven Lee of the West End, now has 639 members, and has linked to numerous others. It’s growing virally. They are promoting a petition to Council. We understand a YouTube video is in the works. Our own website has received more than 3000 individual hits since 21 October, when PTAS president Peter Fairchild asked our supporters to write the Mayor and Council.

Conversation – Pantages Theatre
Contributions to the conversation from the community.