Heritage Vancouver

Heritage Vancouver dates back to the establishment of the Heritage Committee of the Community Arts Council of Vancouver. The Heritage Committee separated from the Community Arts Council in 1991 to become Heritage Vancouver, the first independent heritage advocacy group in Vancouver, a move born from a desire for more autonomy to pursue a wider range of goals and objectives.

Since then the organization has moved from a small group of concerned citizens advocating to prevent the demolition of heritage structures to working with the community to protect and preserve our heritage resources.

Heritage Vancouver is now working to increase our understanding and appreciation for our community heritage, identify opportunities to protect, care for, and increase the contribution and value of our heritage resources, and determine how we can work as a community to create a future for our heritage.

Heritage Vancouver is a contributor to creating the Vancouver Heritage Community and to our interest in connecting and increasing the size and contribution of our common enterprise.

Heritage Vancouver is a community of contributors creating connections, relationships, and creative enterprise around ideas and opportunities to  contribute to protecting, preserving, and increasing the contribution and value of our heritage resources to our community.

What we do

To increase community appreciation of our built heritage we:

  • host events in heritage buildings
  • host heritage talks on our heritage sites and neighborhoods
  • conduct tours of our historic neighborhoods
  • prepare reports on the history, significant features, and importance of individual heritage sites
  • publicize success stories that have conserved heritage sites
  • support the creation of films, books, articles, exhibits, and photo galleries
  • publish information online for community learning

To protect at-risk heritage sites we:

  • work with community groups to explore actions to protect specific heritage sites
  • publish an annual Top Ten list of Vancouver’s most endangered heritage sites
  • prepare position papers to inform the community about threatened heritage sites
  • host forums to engage the community in conversations about opportunities to protect heritage sites
  • assist individuals, businesses, and community groups in initiatives to conserve community heritage

To improve government legislation, policies, and incentives to protect our built heritage we:

  • identify and recommend sites to be listed on the City’s Heritage Register-assess and comment on public policy regarding heritage conservation
  • prepare letters, articles, and news releases to publicize opportunities to protect heritage sites and historic neighbourhoods
  • recommend actions to City Council, Park Board and School Board to protect Vancouver’s heritage sites
  • work with officials at all levels of government to shape legislation, policies, and incentives to provide heritage protection

To create community connections we:

  • collaborate with museums, historical societies, and the City of Vancouver Archives to create learning opportunities and experiences
  • align our education and awareness policies with provincial and national heritage organizations
  • create relationships with organizations in other cities and communities to explore ideas and opportunities to protect heritage
  • collaborate with arts and culture organizations to create heritage and arts events
  • assist community groups in publicizing heritage stories and historical and architectural features of Vancouver’s heritage sites and neighbourhoods
  • collaborate with business and community groups to create more incentives to assist heritage building owners to restore their buildings
  • engage our creative community in projects that will excite public interest in our heritage
  • collaborate with community leaders to create and promote heritage events

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