Why Heritage Matters

Don Luxton, Phil Boname, Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles, and Christopher Gaze talk about why heritage matters.

created by Allan Attridge

Why Heritage Matters was filmed in October, 2007, following a conversation with the arts community, the heritage community, and the business community on the future of theatres. The conversation was hosted by Heritage Vancouver at the Vogue Theatre, one of the three National Heritage Buildings in Vancouver.

Why Vancouver Heritage Community

The Vancouver Heritage Community are people and enterprises working towards creating a future for Vancouver’s heritage. Our interests are to protect, preserve, and increase our understanding and appreciation of the value of our heritage resources. Our common interests create our community.

Our heritage resources are the structures, neighbourhoods, landmarks, historic icons, places, and spaces that connect us with our history and culture, and contribute to the character of our neighbourhoods.

This communication centre gives  our community the ability to contribute stories, information,  ideas, and opportunities that contribute to our common interests and our common enterprise.

We are exploring opportunities and ideas about what we could do to create a future for Vancouver’s heritage.

We are creating and contributing opportunities for our community to explore, experience, learn, contribute, and create connections, relationships, and creative enterprise.

We are increasing the size and contribution of our community by connecting  people and enterprises who are contributing to our common enterprise and creating connections with the ideas and opportunities they are creating and contributing.

What we can do

Post Office Building
Van Dusen Learning Centre
West End mansions and the Legg residence

Waldorf Hotel
Create our heritage community