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Increasing the contribution of our heritage places as learning centres, cultural centres, community centres, and community art, – the creative expression of contributors to our community identity


History is the story of our evolution as a community. History is the story of the evolution of our heritage community and what happens, what contributes, and what we create as we create a future for our heritage

What we could do

For community contributors
We could invite our heritage community contributors to tell their stories about what they are do, how they are contributing, and what interests, ideas, and initiatives they are pursuing to increase their contribution to our community interests.

We could communicate opportunities for creative relationships, creative leadership, and creative community enterprise around ideas and enterprises which contribute to our community interests.

We could explore possibilities for increasing our contribution as a community by increasing our understanding of what contributes, what could contribute, and what opportunities and ideas we have to contribute.

We could increase our understanding of why we are, what we do, and what we contribute to our common interests as a community

We could explore the systems we currently have, the ideas other communities are pursuing, what we know about the value of our heritage, our interests, and the opportunities and ideas we have for creative conversation around creative possibilities we could pursue as a community to protect, preserve, and increase the contribution of our heritage resources on

We could invite the community to explore and write their stories of historic significance to our community which contribute to our appreciation, understanding, and interest in creating a future for our heritage.

We could keep our communities informed about opportunities to explore, experience, and learn about our heritage and heritage resources and of opportunities to contribute to preserving and increasing the contribution of our resources to our community in communications through communities.

We could dentify stories and inform our community of opportunities for creative conversation and creative community enterprise around creative possibilities and ideas which contribute to our community interests

7 – Imagine and explore opportunities and possibilities for protecting, preserving, and increasing the contribution and value of our resources with different use, better use, and new uses –Max Wyman – Segal Building.

8 – Explore our past experiences in preserving and losing our heritage resources and what we can learn and what could improve our ability to more successful in the future on – Pantages and York Theatre Stories

9 – Explore where, what, and how we could leverage our contributions as a heritage community, and our resources, our contributors, and our connections, and relationships with other community interests to increase our contribution as a community to our urban, community, cultural, and social evolution

We could explore roles for Heritage Vancouver, for the Community Arts Council, for the Alliance for Arts and Culture, – our community resources, – and how the Societies and Boards of Directors of these community enterprises could contribute to our common enterprise as a creative community, – and as a creative community enterprise.

How You Can Contribute

– become a member of Heritage Vancouver
– attend our public programs and meetings
– make a donation to Heritage Vancouver (tax-deductible)
– join one of Heritage Vancouver’s committees
– write an article for our website or e-bulletin
– help organize a tour or event
– research the history of a heritage building
– take photographs of historical buildings
– promote heritage awareness among your friends