How we create our heritage community

Vancouver Heritage Community is our communication centre for contributors to our common enterprise of protecting, preserving, and increasing the contribution and value of our heritage resources to our community. gives our community the ability to explore and contribute information, ideas, and opportunities for creative community enterprise which could contribute to creating a future for our heritage resources.

Our common interest is to connect and increase the size and contribution of our community of common enterprise.

Heritage Vancouver is contributing to creating this communication centre to excite interest, conversation, and contributions to imagining a future for our heritage in the West End neighbourhood, Strathcona neighbourhood, and the Downtown Eastside to contribute to the community plans being created by the City of Vancouver for the development of these areas.

The Vancouver Heritage Community gives our community opportunities to contribute to imagining and creating a future for our heritage.

What we could do with our communication centre

  • contribute our ideas on why heritage matters
  • connect our community with contributors to our common enterprise
  • identify our heritage resources
  • contribute our stories and points of view
  • gather what we know
  • explore, contribute, and excite interest in opportunities and enterprises that contribute to our community interests
  • contribute observations, ideas, opportunities, and connections which could assist our community contributors to be more successful
  • gather what we can learn about about the heritage conservation practices of other communities
  • explore and excite creative community enterprise around ideas that could contribute to our community interests

Where we are now

There is a lot of community interest and concern about losing our heritage buildings as community resources in many old Vancouver neighbourhoods.

There is a low awareness, understanding, and appreciation of our heritage resources.

There are many community enterprises who are contributing or have an interest in contributing to creating a future for our heritage resources.

There are many communities of interest who are involved, who are contributing, and who benefit from creating a future for our heritage resources.

There is a lack of information and a lot of misinformation about where we are, and what is happening, and what could happen to our heritage resources in the future.

There is no protection for our heritage buildings.

The City of Vancouver is creating community plans for several of our heritage communities.

City of Vancouver Community Planning
History and Heritage of our West End Neighbourhood
Marpole Community Plan

Our Vancouver Heritage Community

Our Vancouver Heritage Community are enterprises contributing to our community interests, communities of interest who benefit from our heritage resources, and members of our community who have an appreciation of the contribution of our heritage resources to the character, culture, and experience of our communities of place and to our ability to connect our community to our history and our heritage and the contributions to how we got here and their potential contribution to imagining where we could go and what we could create and contribute as our heritage to our future.

The story so far