Heritage Plan

A Heritage Action Plan to update the City of Vancouver Heritage Conservation Program was approved unanimously by City Council on December 4, 2013 as follows.

A.THAT Council approve the Heritage Action Plan to update the City’s existing Heritage Conservation Program as outlined in the policy report dated November 26, 2013, entitled “Heritage Action Plan to Update Vancouver’s Heritage Conservation Program”;

FURTHER THAT staff proceed immediately with the “Quick Start Actions”;

FURTHER THAT where heritage resources of particular community or cultural significance are at risk, the Director of Planning may consider measures beyond conditional zoning where it would assist community objectives for heritage preservation, subject to approval by Council after a public hearing; and that this policy specifically apply to the Hollywood Theatre;

FURTHER THAT staff report back to Council with the Terms of Reference for the Heritage Action Plan, and particularly with respect to Actions 3, 6 and 9, as set out in the above noted policy report, ensuring that the work program includes an independent review and public consultation in developing measures, including incentives, to enhance the protection of heritage homes in single family neighbourhoods;

AND FURTHER THAT Council approve a budget of up to $450,000 to cover staff and consultant costs to complete the “Quick Start and Medium- to Longer-term” components of the Heritage Action Plan. $285,000 will be funded from the 2014 operating budget, and $165,000 will be brought forward as part of the 2015 operating budget.

B.THAT the Heritage Building Rehabilitation Program (HBRP) for the Downtown Eastside be extended until the end of 2015.

C.THAT staff, as part of the heritage register update, identify distinct areas of heritage value, particularly areas with high numbers of demolitions of pre-1940s heritage and character homes, and recommend to Council amendments to existing RS zoning to address the loss of this neighbourhood heritage character.

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