How to research the history of your house

Curious about the story of your house?

How to research the history of your house
Workshop by Penny Street

On behalf of the Grandview Heritage Group, I’m putting on a workshop on How to Research the History of Your House, Saturday afternoon, March 23, 3:00.

I’ll be focusing mainly on houses in Grandview, but the techniques would work for houses anywhere in Vancouver.

I’ll show you how to use the online resources that are currently available and also give you important tips for in-person visits to the City Archives and the Vancouver Public Library.

You’ll be able to piece together enough information to reconstruct the story of your house – approximately when it was built, who lived in it when, and for how long. You may even eventually be able to locate vintage photos of your house or the descendants of its early residents.

I will attempt to do a few live searches of addresses proposed by the participants.

The workshop will take place March 23, Saturday, 3:00-5:00, at Britannia, in the Canucks Family Education Centre. We’re asking each participant for a $10 donation to the Grandview Heritage Group.

Cheers and please come! And please forward to anyone (especially in Grandview) you think might be interested.

Penny Street

Grandview Heritage Group