Vogue Theatre

The Vogue Theatre is a 1941 building of art deco design. The façade, the curve of all the balconies, the curve of the ceilings, and the upper lobby make it a lovely art deco building. It is also a high quality building. It is poured in concrete and is solid as a rock. It has a basement below, dressing rooms, and an orchestra veil.

The owner applied for liquor licensing for what is being described as a dinner theatre or supper club. The owner’s idea is to take the seats out, terrace it off, put in booths, tables and chairs, offer food and drink service, and continue with similar shows as featured before. The capacity of the facility will be reduced since 1100 people will not fit into booths, tables, and chairs but the functionality will be similar.

There is now uncertainty about what might happen to the building since the owner did not get approval for his plan.

Vogue Theatre Fact Sheet – Click to Enlarge