The Future of Theatre in Vancouver



The Story

On October 4, 2007, an event was held at the Vogue Theatre to explore what we are doing, what we are interested in doing and what we could be doing about the future of three heritage theatres in Vancouver.

The event was created for people in Vancouver’s arts, heritage, and development communities who value our heritage theatres and interested in creating a future for theatre in Vancouver to begin the conversation.

The conversation was led by Tom Durrie, Vancouver Little Theatre and the Save the York Theatre Society, Christopher Gaze, The Bard of Vancouver, Tanja Dixon-Warren, Vancouver Theatre Alliance, and Don Luxton, Heritage Vancouver, and moderated by Roger Chilton. This was the Invitation sent to the community created by the Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum

The Need for Theatre Space in Vancouver
The Conversation

What happened

Shortly after the Forum, the York Theatre was purchased for residential redevelopment. The community was informed about the opportunity to save the York by offering to buy the theatre back from the new owner and a prospective buyer was found.

The York Theatre Story

The owner of Pantages Theatre who had worked with the community for the three years on a project to restore and reopen the theatre put the Pantages Theatre up for sale.

The Pantages Theatre Story

The owners of the Vogue Theatre applied to the City of Vancouver for licensing approval with a view to convert the Vogue to a dinner theatre and were unsuccessful. The future of the theatre is unknown.

The Vogue Theatre